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Abbitt HVAC | HVAC Tips for Winter
Most people have HVAC systems installed in their home or apartment. A good system in your house serves to ensure that your home is comfortable no matter the season. With winter around the corner, however, your system may need additional upkeep to prevent it from freezing. It is best to have your unit prepped well before winter sets in. If you’re wondering how to keep your unit operating throughout the winter, check out the tips below.

Check your thermostat

Abbitt HVAC | Zoning
Ever had your children or family members argue about what temperature to set the HVAC? Maybe even had a few times where people had to compete to alter the thermostat? It isn’t their fault that each of their bodies has a different tolerance to a degree of heat or cold. 
Fortunately, manufacturers have taken this into account and have introduced to us a new useful feature. It doesn’t just preserve the peace at home, but it’s friendly to our wallets too.

Zone System