Heating Maintenance


Abbitt HVAC | Daikin Downflow FurnaceWhy Is Service So Important?

To ensure your heating system is running at its full capacity, regular maintenance is crucial. One of the best perks about regular maintenance is that it decreases the chances of a surprise breakdown. A professional HVAC technician will be able to catch any issues at an inspection so you can avoid unexpected emergencies. Not convinced you need regular maintenance? Here are some more benefits:

Safety First

During a maintenance inspection, your HVAC technician will catch any cracks in the heat exchanger to prevent carbon monoxide leaks. Without this inspection, a carbon monoxide leak would be extremely hazardous to your family. Additionally, your system could have a short circuit, which could cause a fire from faulty electric occurrences.

Lower Energy Bills

Neglecting regular maintenance will cause your heating system to have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. This means increased energy bills, but regular maintenance will ensure efficiency, keeping your bills lower.

Less Repairs

Regular maintenance tune-ups will prevent problems in your unit from escalating to something serious. Be wary of strange odors or sounds, as these can be indicators of possible damage in the system. Call a technician right away if you notice anything like this. Regular checks are an excellent preventative measure to take!

Equipment Lasts Longer

To get the most out of your system, regular tune-ups will be necessary. System breakdowns are often caused by irregular or no maintenance. An inspection will give a thorough check on all individual parts to extend the life of your system.
Annual maintenance will minimize the risk of repairs and possible replacement. We can schedule your system’s maintenance today!

HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

While we don’t recommend you do many HVAC tasks yourself for safety reasons, there are some things you can do to easily maintain your system and keep it running well. For our customers who love to DIY, here are some things you can do before your next scheduled maintenance visit with Abbitt HVAC:
  • Make sure the supply and return registers are not blocked by anything.
  • Remove debris from around the outdoor unit.
  • Do not wait for dirt and debris to accumulate on your outdoor unit.
  • Change your filters monthly. There are units that have indicator lights that let you know when the filter is already clogged.
Keep your family warm this winter with help from us here at Abbitt HVAC. We are eager to help you maintain a comfortable home with a well-maintained furnace. Call us today at (757) 223-0126 or use our oneline form for more information on how we can help your heating system running efficiently.