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Excellent Repair Service

When you choose Abbitt HVAC for your heating repair needs, we conduct a thorough inspection of your heater to determine which repairs are needed. Let our NATE-certified technicians keep your home warm and your heater running perfectly.

7 Common Furnace Issues


Noisy Furnace

If you begin noticing rattling or squeaking sounds coming from your furnace, this could be a sign of mechanical issues, clogged burner, or airflow reduction.


Little to No Maintenance

We recommend annual maintenance for your heating system to keep it running at its full capacity and extend its life.


Clogged Filters

If your filters are full of dirt and dust, your system’s airflow will be reduced. This will cause circulation difficulty and an overall inefficient furnace.


Thermostat Malfunctioning

A faulty thermostat can affect your home’s comfortability as well as the fan in the unit.


Blower Continuously Running

This indicates a faulty limit switch and you will need to call in a professional to replace this properly.


On and Off Modes Cycle Frequently

Mode changes suggest a clogged filter so refer to number three above for more help with that.


Problems With Pilot Control and Electric Ignition

When flame sensor issues arise, your pilot light will not be lit.

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