Ductless AC


Inverter Driven Ductless Equipment

Since 1982, VRV*(ductless heat pump) systems have become established as the standard for energy saving, flexibility and comfort. VRV air conditioning systems reduce energy consumption compared to traditional central ducted systems. Less energy consumed means less money spent on your energy bill. At Abbitt HVAC we have a variety of ways to apply this equipment into your home, small office or commercial building. If you are having problems with your existing equipment we will service, all makes of ductless heat pumps.

Single & Multi Zone Installation

Ideal for heating and cooling small spaces like sunrooms, mancaves, garage renovations, or a recently enclosed porch.
Abbitt HVAC | Single and Multi Zone Installation

Multi-Zone Hybrid Solution

Abbitt HVAC has systems that are a complete heating and cooling hybrid solution that can replace your existing system, while adding zones for additional comfort or expansion (up to 9 zones). This is also true for homes that do not have central air systems where a fully ductless system can be configured. Standard central ducted systems do not have the ability to precisely adapt to your lifestyle and how you use your home. Our hybrid solution allows for one outdoor unit to control up to 9 zones, which will adapt to your home to your lifestyle.
Zoning your system based on your home layout is an effective way to improve comfort, airflow, and save energy. Call Abbitt HVAC at (757) 223-0126 or fill our our online form today to schedule your Ductless Installation services.

Reinventing Central Air Conditioning:

  • Personalized comfort, no more argument over the temperature
  • Energy savings: turn off zones not in use
  • Solve hot and cold spots by adding more indoor units

Commercial Installation

Multi-Zone Systems provide comfort for up to 8 separate zones, using one compact outdoor unit. Over 1,000 outdoor/indoor unit combinations are available for new construction and retrofit projects.
Heat Pump units power up to 34 tons of capacity from a single piping network, with up to 64 indoor fan coil units, integrated controls and BMS options and piping flexibility never before seen with a DX system.
Heat Recovery units allow for simultaneous cooling and heating from one system. System configurations power up to 38 tons of capacity from a single piping network, with up to 64 indoor fan coil units.