Why Your A/C Needs a Summer Tune-Up


Why Your A/C Needs a Summer Tune-Up

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Now that summer’s here, you want to be sure your air conditioner is working at peak performance so you aren’t without its services on hot days. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to schedule your summer AC tuneup for two main reasons: to ensure your unit is ready to work hard all summer and to prevent major problems from cropping up later that could cost you much more than mere maintenance. Abbitt HVAC offers a variety of maintenance plans to suit your schedule and budget.

Extending the Life of Your A/C Unit

As your premier providers of heating and cooling repair and installation, we offer you an affordable, comprehensive cooling system tune-up that helps you keep your cool all summer long. If you’re looking to save money on cooling costs this year, the first thing you should consider is regular maintenance and servicing of your home comfort system. You’re saving cash, yes, but you’re also saving energy and preventing neglect from detracting from the lifespan of your unit. Most central air conditioners have a life-span of between 15 to 20 years. If you take good care of yours, you could get two decades or more out of the unit. If it’s time for a new one, consider one of the brand new energy-efficient models which are about 15% more efficient than standard units, says Energy.gov.

Dependable Operation

The last thing you want to do is switch on the AC on the hottest day of the year to find it doesn’t work. Or perhaps you notice some rooms cooling down faster than others. No matter what the issue, these things can be avoided with a little TLC.

Better Indoor Air Quality

You rely on your indoor air quality to keep your family safe. After all, we spend 90% of our time indoors, even in summer. Keeping your air healthy is imperative, which is why a summer tuneup each year is so crucial. Along with that is the importance of regular air filter changes that cut down on the amount of harmful allergens in the air that can cause flare-ups of asthma and allergy symptoms. Contact Abbitt HVAC (757) 223-0126 today or schedule your service online.