How Technology Is Improving HVAC Units


How Technology Is Improving HVAC Units

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Revolutionary HVAC Technology

Over the years technology has worked to improve the performance of HVAC units of all types, especially the new and improved Daikin Units. This particular group of advancements comes after a decade of improved industry standards that have drastically increased the efficiency of HVAC over past years. Some of these advancements are:

Mobile controls

Mobile controls have already given people way more control than ever before. Today you can be sitting on your computer, pad or phone and if you need to change the settings all you need to do is go to the control app without leaving your seat. Not long ago, just programming a thermostat with a heating schedule was considered a big advantage. Now, you can turn on the heat from your car minutes before arriving, change settings if your schedule changes and even lock others out if you don't want them messing with the HVAC settings.

Voice controls

This is where the newest innovations are coming into play. Voice controls tied into a whole household system offer a unique opportunity to make your house's most active system respond to you directly. In the very near future you will be able to heat one room at a time, switch from room heat to radiant heating from the floor or even from furniture. Voice commands present a luxury aspect that, until now, was always a very manual process. Soon ambiance settings will allow heating, lighting music and more to be integrated for a more dynamic home atmosphere.

Energy and environment

Though improvements recently in HVAC units have drastically increased the efficiency of both heating and air conditioning systems, the future promises more. There is also more variety than ever. To find options that work for your home using electricity, natural gas, oil or even integrating solar and other alternative sources, contact Abbitt HVAC today.