Essential AC Maintenance Tips


Essential AC Maintenance Tips

AC Maintenance

Proper Tips for AC Maintenance

To keep your system running efficiently, it must undergo regular AC maintenance by an HVAC professional, like Abbitt HVAC's. For one, a unit that isn't running at its best efficiency means that you're using up more energy than you need to. As a result, you may see an increase in your energy bill. It also means the air quality in your home likely isn't as pure as it could be. We put together these tips to help you keep your AC performing all summer long. 

1. Air Filters

A part of your HVAC unit that should be removed every six months is the filter. Your filter is essentially in charge of ensuring that pollutants and dust don't enter your home. These can clog up your ducts and might even start a fire if left on their own. However, it's the air quality of your home that is mostly in question with a clogged air filter. Luckily, changing out the filters is quite easy and your HVAC professional can make quick work of placing in a new filter, so your home can continue to have an excellent quality of air.

2. Freon

Another aspect of the AC unit, in particular, is the amount of Freon within the system. This chemical is responsible for turning the hot air into the cool air. If the Freon leaks, however, it can expose that dangerous chemical into your home. You don't want to breathe it into your lungs. A professional can ensure that the pipes and amount of Freon are all functioning correctly and there isn't an indication of a leak.

3. Belts

Much like the belts in your car's engine, the belts in the unit wear with use. If the belt isn't regularly lubricated or cleaned, it can wear down even faster. A professional can inspect the state of the belts and determine if they need to be cleaned, repaired, replaced, or just left alone. Clearly, new belts can likely go for some time without needing much help. However, clean machinery always works more efficiently than machinery that is covered in grease or dust.

4. Gears

One last maintenance tip is to inspect the gears. Similar to the belts, these need to be cleaned. It requires a professional who has the right tools to clean those gears without damaging them. With clean gears, they can work a lot better than clogged gears.
No matter if it's summer or winter, you want your unit to be prepared to meet the demands that you have for it. These essential tips can help. Contact Abbitt HVAC today for all your AC maintenance needs.