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Abbitt HVAC | Fact or Fiction? Ductless Technology Myths
There are many HVAC ductless myths out in the public that just aren’t true. One myth is that they don't filter the air adequately. This is far from the truth. They sometimes do a better job than central heating and air as they have their own individual filters. 

More Efficient: Fact

Abbitt HVAC | HVAC Technology
Several breakthroughs in the heating and cooling industry will make HVAC technology more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than ever before. These methods will work to renew the interaction between the exterior and the interior functions of their units. Companies are gradually finding new ways to monitor these systems, optimize dehumidification functions, and minimize heat loss. Much of the innovations will be less noisy and run more smoothly with computerized thermostats that are also easier to operate with a touchscreen.