Air Conditioning


At Abbitt HVAC

We provide exceptional air conditioning services to ensure your home and family are cool and comfortable in those warm Virginia seasons. You can trust Abbitt whether you have an emergency repair, everyday maintenance or a brand new unit. Rest assured we have your best interest at heart. Our number one goal is to see that our customers utilize their systems to their full capacity and enjoy their unit’s lifetime value.


If you find your air conditioning unit is not functioning to its full potential, don’t hesitate to call Abbitt HVAC for all your A/C repair needs. Our certified technicians are trained to keep your unit working at its best.


If you find your A/C unit is not functioning to its full potential, it may be time for a new one. Our trained and certified technicians will install your new unit quickly and efficiently.


We ensure your replacement has a warranty and provides an affordable solution to your home. We offer fast replacement time so your home gets back to its most comfortable temperature as soon as possible.