A/C Replacement


An A/C Replacement Can Be Necessary

A new install of an air conditioning unit can be quite a stressful task for a homeowner. Allow Abbitt HVAC to make it easy for you. We will determine the proper size and type of unit that best fits your home’s needs and space. We are serious about doing our job right the first time – we handle all services swiftly and we only use the highest quality products from Daikin and Unico. Whether you’re getting an air conditioning installed for the first time or you’re replacing your current one, trust the experts of Abbitt HVAC.
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When To Replace Your A/C Unit

Age of unit                                         
While air conditioners can last as long as 15 years, they become less efficient after about 10 years. Aging units cause expensive repairs and sometimes a replacement is a better option.
Frequency of repairs  
Over time, the number of repairs and frequency of service for your A/C unit will increase. Eventually it makes more sense to replace the unit with an updated one.
Rising energy bills  
Your monthly bill will sometimes show the efficiency of your unit. If you notice increases in your monthly bill, your system is taking more energy to keep your home cool.
R-22 (Freon) system replacement with R-410A system                                         
The federal government is phasing out Freon nationwide to help homeowners conserve energy. Switch over to the less costly, new refrigerant (R410A) system and get away from the expensive Freon.
Energy efficiency
Knowing the SEER rating of your unit is helpful to explain why you might see an inefficient flow and increasing energy costs. Modern air conditioners are required to have a SEER rating of at least 13 but go as high as 25. Cut back on your energy costs by replacing your old unit with a new, more efficient one.
If your air conditioner can’t be repaired and requires a replacement, Abbitt HVAC offers a full line of systems from our trusted friends at Daikin HVAC systems and will work with you to choose the perfect model and size to fit your home. 


At Abbitt HVAC, we do not want to see our customers go without a properly working air conditioner in the summer months. Regardless of your financial situation, we are happy to work with you to ensure your replacement goes smoothly. We offer affordable financing options and work closely with Enerbank, Greensky, and Microf to get you approved quickly and painlessly.

Abbitt HVAC's air conditioning installation services include:

At Abbitt HVAC, we have your air conditioning install covered! Call us at (757) 223-0126 today to determine if an install is necessary or if you just need a repair. Whatever the case, we are happy and eager to help our Virginia neighbors with reliable service.

All equipment is covered by the standard Daikin warranty of 12-year parts and labor

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Abbitt HVAC also handles high-velocity HVAC and ductless mini split installation. Call Abbitt HVAC at (757) 223-0126 today to schedule your A/C replacement services.